Saturday, 25 February 2012 23:30

This game implements a heliocentric view of the solar system which is consistent with astrological principles. The program will select one of a million possible dates and display the nominal arrangement of the planets on that date.

Certain minor changes have been introduced to the model to limit the variability and to ensure a consistent performance (e.g. circular orbits, adjusted orbital periods)

The program displays:

The angle of each planet on the ecliptic.
The astrological sign for each planet
Whether the planet is apparently retrograde or not.
The planetary aspects with each other (conjunction, square, trine, opposition)
The phase of the moon.

Click Forward Step to advance to the next date, click Reverse Step to go back.  The graphic will update accordingly

Click Start to animate the graphics, click Stop to stop

Click Bet to hide the actual orbits and show the planets in the horoscope only.

Click Random to choose a day from 0 to 999999


The intention is to allow players to bet on any of the displayed outcomes.  The complete analysis of the game is available, but the relevant prize structures and payback remain to be developed.