Matchless Poker
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 23:24


This game implements a novel poker game.  This game is suitable for implementation as a stand-alone poker machine against robot opposition or for running a poker tournament.

The game is played with a conventional deck without jokers.  The game is played over five rounds. The deal is automatic.

The program will deal sufficient cards for each player to have five with two extra.

In each round, a player may select any available card by a covert bid, and decide how much to bet on that bid. When all players have bid, the program will allocate the cards to the players with the following rules:

If a player makes an unchallenged bid for a card, then that card is allocated to him regardless of the bet.


If more than one player makes a bid for the same card, then the program will allocate the card to the player with the highest unique bet. (e.g. if player 2 bets 4 on a red ace, player 3 bets 1 on a red ace and player 5 bets 4 on a red ace then the program will allocate the red ace to player 3). Players with losing bids will be allocated a random card.


Initial Deal

Matchless Poker Initial deal screen

Betting screen

Matchless poker betting screen